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AngularJS was the most popular client-side framework among JavaScript developers for many years. Google introduced AngularJS in 2012. It’s based on a variation of the very popular Model-View-Controller pattern which is called Model-View-*.

The AngularJS framework, was built on top of JavaScript with the aim to decouple the business logic of an application from the low level DOM manipulation and create dynamic websites. Developers could use it to either create full-fledged SPAs and rich web applications or simply control a portion of a web page which makes it suitable for different scenarios and developer requirements.


What Is Architecture Overview of Angular? - Angular, React, Vue,  TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Python

Is Angular Easy to Learn?

If you have a good knowledge of the three pillars of the web i.e JavaScript, CSS and HTML, Angular may be easy to learn. If you are a beginner front-end web developer that would be very difficult.

How Do you Start Learning Angular?

Angular is not like React, it’s a complete platform which includes all what you need to build frontend web apps, so learning it will take you more time. Let’s make the process easy for you by providing you with a roadmap.

If you are a beginner frontend web developer, you probably want to start by learning the basics of frontend web development i.e what we call the three pillars of the web, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You don’t need to master these technologies but you should be familiar with the basics and build simple web pages with HTML, style them with CSS and add interactivity with JavaScript.

Angular makes use of TypeScript instead of plain JavaScript. TypeScript is a super-set of JavaScript that adds object oriented concepts and strong types to the language but before you can run your code in a web browser, you will need to compile it to JavaScript. We’ll see later that this is pre-configured for you in your Angular project.

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